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How we like to receive artwork for Large Format Printing

Best Case: Send us files created in Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator!

Photographic Art: If you are providing us with photographs that are already in a digital format, we like .tif files best. Resolution should be about 400 DPI at 25%. This means that if the final print will be 24" by 24", we would like to have a .tif file that is 6" by 6" at a resolution of 400 DPI. (400 DPI is a bit of overkill but it is always better to give us too much rather than not enough). We like PhotoShop .tif files best but can work with most formats including .jpg, .bmp, Photoshop .eps, Kodak .pcd [avoid .gif files at all cost!!]

Other Artwork: Digital artwork other than photographic is generally "vector art". Where photographic art is made up of lots of dots, vector artwork is made up of "map coordinates" or vectors. This type of artwork is "resolution independent" meaning that we can blow it up as big as you would like and it will always look crisp and sharp. Vector artwork is created in programs such as Illustrator, Freehand, Corel and a few others. These files often include both images and text. Images should be placed in the file rather than linked, photographic images should be at the same resolution described in the above paragraph. Important - all text or fonts should be converted to outlines or graphics. Give us a call if you don't know how to do this. As an example, logo's are almost always vector art. Save your files as .eps
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