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Key Projects

Floyd Mayweather's Family Van Wrap

A bus wrap in 24 hours

We received a phone call at Jan. 5 2007, 4pm Friday, from Janice.
Janice: "Can you do a bus wrap?"
Pierre: "Yes, we can help you with that."
Janice: "Can you do it by tomorrow?"
Pierre: "Excuse me???"
Janice: "We are attending CES 2007 as an exhibitor which starts in 3 days. However, our graphics has been lost by the shipping company and will not make it to Las Vegas in time for the show. We know it is late on a Friday afternoon and the weekend is upon us, but we are in search of a company who can help us make wrapping our bus possible in such short notice."

It wasn't an easy request. However, as a reflection of our dedication, our team delivers and made it work. We printed the films overnight, and finished the installation on Saturday. The project was done within 24 hours from the time we received the phone call.

"We said we could... and we did!"

Wrap on TV

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This Dodge Calibur started off a clean black vehicle and transformed into the shows #1! leading icon for the shop. Well known in Las Vegas, Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. have a great reputation for hard work and crafty designs when it comes to tattoos. With that at hand and our elite WRAP CREW, we were able to create a monster car fit for the best.

Parts of the project's featured on A&E TV Network's "INKED" July 10th, 2006 episode.

CES 2008, Bill Gates

"... There are important people at both Avis and Bill Gates that will be driving these vehicles so they need top notch installs. I looked at your work online and looks like you do nothing but top notch but I just want to let you know the importance of these installs ...."

from Dan @ Schneider Graphics

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